Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Superior Beaches

Mark and I went down to the beach on one of the warm warm days last week, it was spectacular. The sky was such a rich blue, the sun warm, heck even the sand was warm enough to sit on. Not too bad for the first week of March!
long expanse of sand, Terrace Bay beach

the thin film of ice was tinkling, like magical music
the ice was undulating, as the waves came in

one lone sun bather, oh wait, it's Mark!
imagine no one at the beach but us!

little wave and sand action

Mark on the river ice

Mark on the ice at the rock end of the beach

ice at the mouth of the river

ice, rocks, Lake Superior

Island at the rivers mouth


High On Craft said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! I can't believe no one else was at the beach enjoying the magical wonders of nature. What a beautiful area in which to live.

liz said...

How absolutely beautiful!! If winters looked like that in CT I don't think I'd mind them! How are you, anyway?