Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Cone-oje" and Winter Walk

A couple of weeks ago the back door of the cap on our truck slipped and fell and hit Kinoje on his nose. It was really sore and didn't seem to be getting better, so Mark made him an appointment with a vet in Thunder Bay. We thought he had broke a tooth, and would need it removed.
During his examination at the clinic on Friday morning, the vet discovered he had testicular cancer and he had to be neutered. We only had a few minutes to agree and left him there for the day. A long long day, waiting for him to go into surgery and come out of surgery and recover. We went back at 4 o'clock to pick him up. The vet said she discovered he had a tumor on one of the glands on his penis and she removed it as well. He had a drain tube in the incision in his penis.
Our outside dog now had to become a sort of inside dog. We made him a bed in our unheated front porch. He is wearing an Elizabethan collar, an e-collar, and not really very happy about it. Last night, day 1, while we ate dinner, he managed to pull his drain tube out and eat it. Everything looks okay, but he can lick his incision even while wearing the stupid e-collar. We have survived day 2 of 14.. it will be a long 2 weeks.
His sister is beside herself out in the kennel by herself and is very unsettled, woofing and howling. They have been together for the past 10 years, a long time. She misses him a lot.
Mark brought him out in the truck for a short walk with Beanie this morning, so I went out with them again before dinner. At least he can get his business done without excessive pulling on a leash.
Our dog walking road was hit hard in the ice storm in December. The poor trees are bent right down, the road is no longer drivable. It will need some brush clearing come spring.
Oh, by the way, there is nothing wrong with Kinojes nose or his teeth, he must have just bruised it.

Mark bent right over under the arch of bent brush


wintery walk on a snowy day


LazyTcrochet said...

wishing him a speedy recovery!

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Poor Kinoje! He is a very beautiful dog--even with the collar on. I hope he heals quickly.

Kate said...

Oh Pegg, so sorry to hear about this, but it certainly was a blessing that you took him when you did, even though his nose is alright! I know that animals hate it when they have anything foreign on them and will fight it all the way. As long as he's fighting it you don't have to worry, it's when they don't seem to care that you do! Glad to see he's on the mend, hope it doesn't put too much strain on you!

mchen said...

Poor guy. I guess it's actually lucky that you brought him in for his nose! I hope he has a smooth recovery and can rejoin his sister soon, poor things. Please pass along an extra pat pat for me.