Thursday, December 10, 2009

There Goes the Fabulous View...

I know I am like a broken record but, the constructions workers, working on the long term care wing at our hospital, in my backyard, have started to frame up the first floor on the foundation. It takes our view of the Slate Islands from us. It is a thorn in my side, but one I will eventually get used to. No choice in that matter, luckily we adapt to things easily. I am not pleased though to lose the view, to lose the sunrises, and hopefully not the low winter sun. I hope the roof is not too high..
a sad day... boo to progress and change..

early morning as the sun is rising

Slate Islands peeking through the framing


Carol said...

Oh gosh... what a shame to lose that beautiful view.

Emms said...

rats. dang.
have you considered tying yourself to the framing?

LazyTcrochet said...

oh man. Maybe you can build up and look out over the new construction?

Pegg said...

Thank you Miss Emms for that, it made me laugh out loud!

I fear we would need a variance, our neighbours permission, to do any building on our property, unlike the hospital.

mchen said...

Crrrap. I once visited my friend in Bournemouth, England and we were doing a stroll around town. He pointed to the end of a street and said "There used to a gorgeous view of the water from here, but then they built THAT..." The new building that was blocking the view was... an IMAX theatre. Oh, the irony.

Enjoy the sunsets while you can, Five!!!