Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fireplace Insert Prep...

We decided that it was time to do something with the big gaping unused hole in our living room. We are also tired of being so cold in this house every winter. Mark cut firewood in the spring, so we were part way there.
It's funny how a small job just keeps getting bigger. Today we laid the slate tile so we are on the home stretch, the end is in sight!
big gaping fireplace

stainless chimney liner in place waiting

cut line drawn on the carpet

Mark getting ready to cut away some of the hardwood floor, scary...

who knew there's such gorgeous hardwood under that awful carpet

cutting the hardwood

ready for the cement board

cement board going up

not a clear photo, but the new brick lip to support the front of the insert
Mark did a wonderful job!

cutting the slate tile, what a cool tool!

slate tile in place

now we have to let this set,
it will another 48 hours until we can grout
we're almost there,
soon this house will have some nice wood heat!


Carol said...

What a transformation. You and Mark did a great job!!

CanArtisan said...

Very nice!

jewelzodonnell said...

What an Awesome Job! You will definately enjoy that gorgeous fireplace this winter.

Nicole R.J. said...

There's nothing better than a house heated by wood! Love the slate - can't wait to see the final results!