Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

in the dark


I am behind schedule this week. I was in the city for most of the week, I had planned to be there for a couple of days but we had a dog emergency. Kinoje bloated, Mark made a quick trip at 4 in the morning. My brother and I met him there and we assisted the vet in putting a tube down the dogs throat to release the gas. Lucky for us and Kinoje it worked. He had bloated seven years ago and had the belt buckle thing done to his stomach so it could no longer twist. I must say when I walked into the clinic I did not recognize him as he bloated so largely. As his hair was standing on end he was stretched to the max. The vets had never seen so large of a bloat. Thank heavens he survived again.

I normally carve my pumpkin a few days before Halloween but I did it very quickly this morning. I am pleased with it mostly. I wish I know how to make the nose protrude more, I guess it would mean cutting back the rest of the face. Next year!

Happy Halloween!

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tangente said...

You did a great job on the pumpkin. I think I'll do something like that next year.