Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Week in June

Last weekend we drove to the Sault for Marks nephews wedding. We met our daughter Megan there, and she came home with us for a week. We drove her to Thunder Bay yesterday and she flew back to London. Here is our week in photos.

Central United church, ceiling

Marks parents

Megan at Old Woman Bay

Mark pebble hunting, Old Woman Bay
getting warm on the pebbles

Megan, pebble gazing

White Lake

Aguasabon Falls

Agausabon River Gorge lookout

gorgeous sky, Aguasabon River mouth at Main beach, Terrace Bay

Megan, Main Beach

boat heading out of river mouth into Lake Superior

Mark wading in 44° F. water, brrr

backyard bonfire, trying to warm ourselves up

Miss Bean, Aguasabon River

Kinoje, Aguasabon River

dog walk to the river, Megan and I with the dogs

Megan on an old walking boom

Pumphouse Beach, Terrace Bay ON

Main Beach, Terrace Bay

Megan, Main Beach

Main Beach

Long Lake

sawmill, Longlac ON

stormy sky, Thunder Bay

Cavers Hill

Pays Plat River


liz said...

Breathtaking photos!!
Your family looks so content. Starring at stones on a beach seems like a good thing........

Stay well, we'll catch up soon!


adornyourself said...

Those photo are just spectacular, and so inspiring.

the rikrak studio said...

love these!