Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Handwoven Superwash Wool Rugs

Who knew after all my ranting about superwash wool, that I would make friends with the stuff. I have been weaving rugs with very fine superwash merino sweaters. They are lovely, and make thick cushy, spongey rugs, I do love them. However it takes twice as many sweaters to weave a rug, as the fabric is so fine. This in turn drives the price up. Twice as much work involved cutting the sweaters, and then weaving, twice as many threads per inch, in comparison to the felted wool.
beige, gold, green, blue superwash wool rug

rust, brown, gray and black superwash wool rug


LoopyJ said...

THey look great! Good for you for embracing something that used to drive you crazy!

Rhonda said...

Oh, they are gorgeous!