Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Yucky Day for a Drive

Yesterday morning we had to drive Thomas to Thunder Bay in pea soup fog and pouring down rain. Strange weather for February in northwestern Ontario! The roads were not good, thickly crusted with ice, for me a nervous passenger, it was not at all fun.

thick fog

on our way home, after dropping Thomas at my sisters house
fog, rain and snow, yuck...
dark trees whizzing by

the town of Nipigon, 
Lake Superior in the distance

Thomas just called, as I was typing here, he arrived safely in Vancouver.  I sure miss him already! Time for me to fill my life with weaving and such..


glasfaden said...

Eeekk!! Indeed.. driving in fog is not fun at all. Lovely shots though :)

Gillianbeads said...

Pegg, what lovely photos, I like the blurred shots.
Glad Thomas got back to Vancouver safely!

Ashley said...

looks scary out there

the rikrak studio said...

oh heavens! what GORGEOUS photos, five - but sorry that it looks so scary to drive in! wonderful post!

cserdan said...

i hate driving in bad weather too.

those are awesome photos!!! i love the blur!

liz said...

Yikes! Wonderful and wicked at the same time!

jennifer said...

scary, but beautiful. glad to hear that thomas arrived safely. a relief to mom and dad, eh?